EVE Online explained

Made/compiled by ~people~, converted to WebM and hosted by Carbon Alabel.

Part 1

From http://cerlestes.de/eve/explained/index.html

1. When the bait solo-kills the targets

2. "Yes, that system is in bridgerange!"

3. Trying a new strategy in fleet

4. Signature tanking

5. Fleeing from pirates into highsec

6. Getting pipebombed

7. Camping hostiles in NPC Stations

8. Cloaked dictor on gate

9. Alphaing the hostile fleet

10. Clicking "Jump To" instead of "Bridge To"

11. First-time bomberrun

12. Rooks and Kings

13. GoonSwarm

14. Solo-running relic sites

15. Leaving after decimating the hostiles

16. Losing your vindicator to a bomber

17. Gatecamps in Lowsec

18. Not using scouts

19. Shooting sov-structures

20. POS shields

21. Director-Level spies

22. When you blueball the hostiles

23. When the bombers uncloak

24. "Biology I" on the Titan Char

25. Cloaky Nullified Tech 3 Cruisers

26. Smacking in Local

27. Nanofiber Battleships (anno 2008)

28. Did he say jump?

Part 2

From http://cerlestes.de/eve/explained/round2.html

1. When <PL> drops 50 supers in lowsec

2. "Did he jump? Did he cloak?"

3. Trying to hide that expensive loot

4. Smacking in Local, part 2

5. First-time successful bomber run

6. My thoughts on the new ship skins

7. When using your first capital ship

8. Trying to run from a dictor gang

9. How I imagine Nick Fuzzeh

10. "Oh a solo carrier, let's kill it!"

11. Sansha's ships since Kronos

12. Why Carriers are pretty damn useful

13. Titan incoming

14. How ore compression works

15. Fleet Commander at work

16. Logistics: No success without them

17. Interceptor-only-gangs are fun!

18. Freighters with freaking low-slots

19. Winning an outnumbered fight

20. Not following broadcasted targets

21. The (now) old relic/data mechanic

22. When that titan warps away in structure

23. First-Time Fleet Commander

24. When a fleet fight runs into you

25. Brave Newbies Inc.

26. When local spikes by the hundreds